4.8. Various health care issues

SSP 242 consultation before or after trip to foreign (tropical) country
SSP 243 determination of work or school incapacity
SSP 244 dietary counselling
SSP 245 environmental and psychosocial aspects of chronic condition
SSP 246 errors or misconduct of a co-worker or other healthcare professional
SSP 247 immunocompromised patient
SSP 248 issues linked with food tolerance
SSP 249 medically unexplained symptoms
SSP 250 nosocomial infection
SSP 251 obtain informed consent for a procedure
SSP 252 patient refusing treatment
SSP 253 patient with sexually transmitted infection
SSP 254 patient with other cultural background, migration
SSP 255 physical and psychosocial inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation
SSP 256 poor adherence to treatment
SSP 257 pre intervention and pre-operative assessment
SSP 258 request for certificate, attestation or expertise by patients and insurers
SSP 259 request for unnecessary investigations and treatment
SSP 260 request for information about gene therapy
SSP 261 request of information related to organ donation, transplantation
SSP 262 benefits and risks of complementary medicine
SSP 263 suspicion of drug intolerance or interaction (including complementary medicine)
SSP 264 suspicion of rare disease
SSP 265 vulnerable patient