2.4. Pelvis, urogenital system

SSP 62 atypical sexual development
SSP 63 anuria, pollakiuria, oliguria, polyuria
SSP 64 dysuria, pyuria, haematuria,
SSP 65 issues related to conception, e.g. infertility and sterilisation
SSP 66 menstrual symptoms; disorders of menstruation, painful menstruation, premenstrual symptoms
SSP 67 pelvic mass
SSP 68 pelvic pain
SSP 69 request for contraception, emergency contraception
SSP 70 request for genetic counselling
SSP 71 scrotal pain, swelling, mass
SSP 72 sexual complaints and dysfunction
SSP 73 swelling, pain in groin
SSP 74 symptoms related to menopause
SSP 75 urethral discharge
SSP 76 urinary incontinence and enuresis
SSP 77 urinary retention
SSP 78 uterine prolapsed, pelvic relaxation
SSP 79 vaginal bleeding
SSP 80 vaginal discharge