3.1. Findings upon physical examination

SSP 131 abnormal blood pressure
SSP 132 abnormal external genitalia (female, male)
SSP 133 abnormal findings upon auscultation
SSP 134 abnormal findings upon inspection
SSP 135 abnormal findings upon palpation
SSP 136 abnormal findings upon percussion
SSP 137 bradycardia, tachycardia, irregular pulse
SSP 138 cachexia and malnutrition
SSP 139 cognitive impairment
SSP 140 cyanosis
SSP 141 disorganised speech
SSP 142 exophthalmos (proptosis)
SSP 143 halitosis (fetor oris)
SSP 144 gangrene
SSP 145 impairment or loss of consciousness, coma
SSP 146 oedema
SSP 147 pallor
SSP 148 pulseless patient
SSP 149 transient loss of consciousness, syncope