4.4. Emergency symptoms findings and situations

SSP 203 acute abdominal, epigastric pain
SSP 204 acute chest; epigastric, arm, jaw, tooth pain
SSP 205 acute neurological deficits
SSP 206 acute severe dyspnoea
SSP 207 acute severe headache, meningism
SSP 208 burn
SSP 209 colic
SSP 210 haematemesis
SSP 211 intoxication, poisoning
SSP 212 mydriasis, myosis
SSP 213 self harm and suicide attempt
SSP 214 severe hypertension, severe hypotension
SSP 215 severe acute blood loss
SSP 216 sudden changes of mental status such as confusion, delusion, (auto-)aggressive behaviour
SSP 217 syncope, loss of consciousness
SSP 218 cardiorespiratory disturbances and arrest
SSP 219 seizures
SSP 220 uncomplicated common trauma