3.2. Findings upon additional examination

SSP 150 abnormal blood gas values
SSP 151 abnormal cardiac enzymes
SSP 152 abnormal coagulation profile
SSP 153 abnormal X-rays of abdomen, chest and skeleton
SSP 154 abnormal leukocyte count
SSP 155 abnormal ECG
SSP 156 abnormal electrolytes
SSP 157 abnormal faecal analyses, occult blood, parasites
SSP 158 abnormal glycaemia and markers of glycaemia homeostasis
SSP 159 abnormal histology, cytology and molecular genetic test
SSP 160 abnormal liver enzymes
SSP 161 abnormal markers of kidney function
SSP 162 abnormal serum lipids
SSP 163 abnormal thyroid hormones
SSP 164 abnormal urine sediment
SSP 165 anaemia
SSP 166 blood group compatibility
SSP 167 effusion detected by ultrasound (abdomen, pleura)
SSP 168 elevated biomarkers of inflammation
SSP 169 low bone density
SSP 170 nutritional deficiencies
SSP 171 polycythaemia
SSP 172 proteinemia, albuminemia
SSP 173 proteinuria
SSP 174 thrombopenia, thrombocytosis