2.1. Head and neck

SSP 17 abnormal eye movements
SSP 18 acute and gradual loss of vision (acute, slow, temporary, partial)
SSP 19 alteration of voice (hoarseness, aphonia, dysphonia)
SSP 20 asymmetric face, deformation
SSP 21 bleeding nose
SSP 22 blepharospasm
SSP 23 difficulty in swallowing, choking
SSP 24 discharge from ear
SSP 25 dryness, pain, mass in mouth or throat, oral lesions
SSP 26 earache
SSP 27 facial, jaw or tooth pain, trismus
SSP 28 hearing impairment: hyper- and hypoacusis, deafness, whistling, tinnitus
SSP 29 micro- and macrocephaly
SSP 30 nasal discharge
SSP 31 nasal obstruction
SSP 32 neck stiffness and pain
SSP 33 painful, red, itchy eyes; eye discharge
SSP 34 snoring
SSP 35 sore throat
SSP 36 squint (strabismus)
SSP 37 swelling of face, lips, neck; goitre
SSP 38 swelling of the eyelid
SSP 39 visual disturbances, photophobia, light flashes, floating objects, diplopia, colour blindness, blurred vision