8. Document and present patient’s clinical encounter; perform handover (linked roles: EXP, COM, COL, ADV, SCH, PRO)

EPA8.1Document and record the patient’s chart; filter, organize, prioritize and synthesize information; comply with requirements and regulations 
EPA8.2Document and record the patient’s autonomous decision-making capacity
EPA8.3Document the rationale for the clinical decision and for involving the patient in making the decision; provide and incorporate discharge document
EPA8.4Document the discussion and the informed consent appropriately in the health record, taking into account the importance of privacy, confidentiality and data protection, especially in the use of electronic communication and records 
EPA8.5Provide an accurate, concise, relevant, and well-organized oral presentation of a patient encounter and situation, adjusting it to the profile and role of the recipient; elicit feedback about the handover, especially when assuming responsibility for the patients; ask for clarification if needed
EPA8.6Organize transfer of a patient from one setting to another, involving the patient and family/caregivers; at discharge from hospital, identify the needs for (sustainable) assistance by psychosocial network
EPA8.7Consider forced hospitalization for acute psychiatric breakdown